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Rosekel will provide you with full payroll support ensuring you meet your payroll responsibility as an employer.

Rosekel will support you to identify your PA’s hourly rate of pay, calculate annual leave entitlement or accrual and monitor the annual leave taken by the individual PA’s. You request the frequency of your payroll being processed and we agree how the PA hours are submitted. Rosekel will provide you with a Payroll Processing Schedule and templates such as “new PA’s Registration Forms”, Timesheets and guidance on person identification checks and right to work in the UK.

Rosekel will represent you as your Payroll Agent to the HMRC and manage all HMRC correspondence and payroll processes on your behalf, this includes:
• HMRC Employers Registration (advice when applicable)
• Processing of PA’s hours and produce an electronic or paper payslip
• Submitting Real Time Information (RTI) for each pay-run
• HMRC Monthly/Quarterly Payments calculations and guidance on how to make the payments
• Calculations of all statutory payments, such as sick or maternity payments and where appropriate claim the payments back from the HMRC
• Providing guidance to PA’s on how to split their tax codes across employers
• Providing P45’s to PA’s when required throughout the financial payroll year
• Providing P60’s to employed PA’s at the financial year end and
• Submit the Employer Annual Yearly Return to the HMRC

Rosekel will complete all paper work relating to PA’s payroll and their employment.
Payroll support packages are tailored to individual local authority frameworks or the individual support package.