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Rosekel support people to live independent and rewarding lives by delivering and co-ordinating care provision in home settings

Rosekel operates a complete range of services, including those regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), to ensure the care you receive is tailored to your specific needs. When using Rosekel you can choose two different ways for your personalised care to be delivered:

1. Rosekel can support you to be the employer of your own Personal Assistants - often called Direct Payment Support for a Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget

2. Rosekel can be the employer of your Personal Assistants - often called a Third Party Arrangement

How we can help you employ your own Personal Assistants

Rosekel operates a complete range of services to help you employ your own Personal Assistants:

Find and recruit your carers
Become a good employer
Run payroll and handle all your HMRC and Pension payments
Manage your funding and care budget

Recruitment & Employment Support

When you take a recruitment and employment support service from Rosekel you will have an allocated Account Manager who will help you find the right Personal Assistants to meet your care needs and support you in all aspects of being an employer.

Your account manager will:

  • Assist you with the recruitment of your Personal Assistants
  • Create job descriptions and person specifications in line with your support plan
  • Support you to write job adverts and place them for you on relevant websites
  • Support with the interview process, including creating questions
  • Help you tailor templated contracts of employment to meet your needs
  • Help obtaining references for employment
  • Complete DBS, pre-employment and right to work checks
  • Help you set up employer's liability insurance which will provide you with employment law advice and guidance
  • Provide advice around contingency planning
  • Support with employer and Personal Assistant training
  • Support you with any disciplinary and grievance matters that may arise

For more details about Rosekel's Recruitment & Employment support service, contact Rosekel today


Rosekel can manage the entire payroll for your care provision. Rosekel will collate all the required information to produce payslips, calculate HMRC and holiday payments and help manage any pension responsibilities. If you need help managing any employment-related issues with your team of carers, Rosekel are on hand to provide help, advice and guidance.

When you take a payroll service with Rosekel, you will have an allocated Account Manager who will provide you with support across all services commissioned with Rosekel and will process your payroll at the funded frequency.

You account manager will:

  • Set up your payroll scheme with the HMRC or transfer your payroll scheme from a current provider
  • Ensure that your employees are paid correctly and on time
  • Make the necessary statutory deductions from your employee's pay (i.e. Tax and National Insurance
  • Ensure you meet your responsibilities for Auto Pension Enrolment
  • Will undertake the role as your Agent with HMRC, making all submissions to HMRC on your behalf and deal with any employer queries
  • Provide electronic timesheets for recording, calculating and approval of hours
  • Provide you and your Personal Assistants with online or paper payslips
  • Provide online, secure access to a complete history of all your payroll and employment documentation

If you choose to take both our Payroll and Managed Account services, Rosekel will:

  • Make payments to your Personal Assistants
  • Make payments to HMRC
  • Make payments to the identified pension provider
  • Make payments to the Employer's Liability insurance provider on the production of the invoice
  • We will also reconcile your submission of hours against the hours funded for the payroll period
  • We can identify if surplus funds are available within your budget

See our managed account service for a full list of support provided on commissioning this support element

If you choose to take our Payroll-Only service, Rosekel will:

  • Provide documents to confirm the amounts you need to pay to your Personal Assistants, HMRC, Pension Providers and any other third parties
  • Provide you with all the information you need to reconcile your funds including accruals for personal assistant holiday pay and HMRC payments

You control your budget/funds, Rosekel cannot access your funds or confirm payments that you have made.

For more information about Rosekel's Payroll support service, contact Rosekel today

Managed Account Services

Managing the finances associated with care provision can be both complicated and time-consuming. Rosekel are able to take on this responsibility through our Managed Account Services. There are two Managed Account service options:

Standard Managed Account

When you take a Standard Managed Account service from Rosekel, you will have an allocated Account Manager who will make all payments on your behalf and process all your associated care invoices.

Your account manager will:

  • Set up a dedicated bank account in your name
  • Monitor all payments made by your funding body and make sure they are correct
  • Set up and pay your Personal Assistant wages, your care agency invoices and any other bills
  • Ensure all payments meet audit requirements
  • Pay all amounts due to HMRC
  • Keep a record of all the income received and payments made
  • Reimburse you with expenses as per your support plan
  • Reconcile your account and identify surplus funds
  • Provide you with a statement showing all transactions
  • Provide you with your banking details and support you to make your fairer charging payments where required
  • Produce income and expenditure reports requested by your funding body 

Authorised Managed Account

If you do not feel you have the capacity to take on the responsibility of operating a Standard Managed Account with Rosekel you can request an Authorised Managed Account. When you take this service from Rosekel, in addition to all the features of the Standard Managed Account, we will:  

  • Monitor the provision of your care and support
  • Complete welfare calls and visits
  • Take responsibility for Authorising payments for your care and support
  • Liaise with relevant organisations to resolve issues with the delivery of care

Provision of an Authorised Managed Account is charged at an additional rate which will be agreed and paid for by your funding body.

For more information about Rosekel's Managed Account Service, contact Rosekel today

How we can employ your Personal Assistants

Rosekel operates a comprehensive and fully CQC regulated service to be the employer your Personal Assistants, called a Third-Party Arrangement.

Third-Party Arrangement Services

Through our Third Party Arrangements we will support you to appoint a team of care staff who will be dedicated to providing a service that is bespoke to your needs. Rosekel will be the legal employer of your carers and will be responsible for the set-up, training, monitoring and supervision of care delivery. Rosekel will hold your care budget in a dedicated bank account and will manage all care related payments on your behalf. This is a fully regulated service and Rosekel Care Ltd is authorised by the Care Quality Commission for the provision of Personal Care to Adults with specialisms in Dementia and Physical Disabilities.

You will be supported by a Service Delivery Team who will collaborate to ensure there is no single point of failure in the set-up and ongoing management of your service. You and your chosen representatives will have an induction meeting with your allocated Care Manager, Care Coordinator and Account Manager. Your Care Coordinator will be the main point of contact for you, your representatives and your funding bodies, making communications efficient, accurate and timely. 

During the set-up of your account, Rosekel will:

  • Meet with you and your funding body to set-up your support
  • Collaborate with you to decide the number of carers you need and your ideal visit rota
  • Provide full and transparent costings to your funding body for approval
  • Coordinate all recruitment activities including processing references, Right to Work checks, enhanced DBS checks
  • Ensure your staff are fully trained to deliver the care you need
  • Complete appropriate risk assessments
  • Open a dedicated bank account in your name to manage your care funding

As part of the ongoing maintenance if the service, Rosekel will:

  • Complete all tasks required as the legal employer of your care staff
  • Hold regular supervisions and an annual performance review with each carer
  • Manage and track all training for your care team
  • Manage all your care calls and arrange cover when required
  • Hold regular wellbeing checks and package review meetings
  • Manage the verification and payment of all care related costs
  • Produce income and expenditure reports requested by your funding body

Currently this service is only available to Adult service users.

For more information about Rosekel's Third Party Arrangement Services, contact Rosekel today

About Us

Rosekel support people to live independent and rewarding lives by delivering and co-ordinating care provision in home settings.

Rosekel was inspired by the Personalisation Agenda and delivers their services with a “Person Centered Approach” shaped to meet your needs and requirements.

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